Here in the Parish of St. David’s we have a number of families with children of all ages and at all stages in their faith development.

We have a number of volunteers who provide support to the children by presenting the Liturgy of the Mass of the day through a range of appropriate planned activities aimed specifically at meeting the needs of the Primary School age range of the children.

A further group of volunteers undertake the role of Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist taking Holy Communion to the sick or housebound.

As a parish we warmly welcome and fully appreciate the contributions made by all those who volunteer in whatever way and using whatever skills they may have to enhance the spiritual and temporal life of our parish of St. David’s.

In law, anyone who works with children or adults at risk is obliged to undertake a Disclosure check. In our parish this process is carried out through the Parish Safeguard Team, Brian together with Father Andrew, who have been approved by the Diocese to carry out the administration work involved.

The Bishops‘ Conference of Scotland has a further requirement that anyone who offers their services as a volunteer with vulnerable groups must complete an application form, self declaration form and provide two character references.
They are provided with a role descriptor and go through an interview with the parish clergy and/or Parish co-ordinator and finally all volunteers are obliged to attend presentation sessions to learn about "Awareness and Safety in our Catholic Communities".

PLEASE NOTE - this information is presented to reassure you that all possible steps are taken to ensure that the children, young people and adults at risk in our parish are as safe as they can be when they are in our care.

To anyone thinking of volunteering their services in this parish community of St. David’s please let this information be an encouragement and not a deterrent. Thank you.

Brian & Father Garden.
Parish Safeguard Team 0131 663 4286.

National Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults.
Archdiocese of St. Andrew's and Edinburgh.
Office for Safeguarding Support 0131 623 8943.